Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pathetic on a Plate or, Would You Like a Cookie?

I thought we were having a relationship, baking and cooking and I.

Don't you see how hard I've been trying for you two?
Thought things were going well...

And then this.

Tony called them "sugar nuggets".

Oh, hahahahaha.
You're so funny.

Well, don't you think the plate's kinda pretty?
I'll give ya five bucks to say that plate's pretty and choke down one of my cookies.

If you don't want to do that, you can shellac it and either use it for a paper weight, door stop, or troll doll head (glue eyes and fur).

But you're not getting the five bucks.

P.S. I swear to you that I'm writing about Polly's business ideas next! As you can see, the sugar cookies have not gone well.


  1. It's a bee plate! I'm so jealous. Those cookies look fine to me.

  2. Nonsense! Those cookies look marvelous. I can think of a lot worse names for your culinary endeavors than "sugar nuggets." He could've called them "uglydoodles" or "sour nuggets" or "foul balls."

    ...which would be monstrously unjust, I'm sure. They look like you put your whole heart into making them; and if you did that, it's physically impossible for them to taste bad. They make ME hungry just looking at them, and I already ate.

    P.S. The plate's pretty. I prefer money orders, thanks.

  3. "uglydoodles" almost makes me want to make up a recipe to go with the name.

  4. What happened? :)

  5. Your cookies have photogenic cracks and their pale yellow colour is very appetizing! Yummy.

  6. The cookies look delish, what's the problem? If they're a little hard, just dunk them in milk, yum yum, gimme some!!!!

  7. Your cookies look fab! I'll have a couple! I'm passing on a blog award to you. Pop by my latest blog post to pic it up. Hope you're having a great day. :)

  8. Polly,

    Would you like my bee plate? I also have a matching tea pot that's tea for one. The top half is the pot and the bottom half is the cup.

    I'd be glad to mail it to you.

  9. O! M! G! I have the same teapot!!! It's yellow, right?

  10. Postie,

    You are always my defender, and for that, I adore ya.

    I was telling Tony this morning over coffee, about your novel. He's impressed, as are we all.

    Impressed but certainly not surprised young man.

  11. Polly,

    When you make up the "uglydoogles", I'm more than certain I can make those.

    What if you used the snickerdoodle recipe and than we could add something like, blue and green food coloring to turn them a nasty blackish brown? Ewww- Uglydoodles!

  12. Yeah, they could be Halloween cookies - brilliant!

  13. "A",

    What happened? Here is what I suspect.

    I ran out of sugar sooooo I used Splenda.

    It called for a cup and a half of sugar. I had only a cup of sugar so I used the half cup of Splenda.

    Also, I had two cookie sheets full, which I baked at one time.

    Trey told me, "Awww, you don't stack when you bake!"

    Is that true?

    Also, when I made peanut butter cookies on Sunday, I thought it'd be nice if they weren't loaded with sugar and so I used Splenda for those too, with rather the same result- kind of resembled peanut butter turds.

    What do you think?

    Hey, can you please email me that potato soup recipe if it's no trouble?

    Please kiss Bailey from her Auntie Em. I'm really missing her now.

    P.S. Knees are just fine, DANCE POLICE.

  14. Chloe,

    I miss you! And good point. Milk covereth a multitude of sins.

  15. DUTA,

    Here's my conclusion. You know how some people photograph actually better than they appear?

    Same with my cookies~ ha!

    (But, thank you.)

  16. Mimi and Tilly,

    Awww, I'm jazzed! Thank you so much!

    I have my business "to do" list but as soon as I finish that, I will be right over.

    I am having a great day with one exception.

    AAAAAAAAAGH! I booked on of my best employees for three nights a week because she TOLD me she could work.

    Last night she informed me that no, she can't work Tuesday and she can't work Weds., but I still have her on Thursday.

    Well, don't think it didn't cross my mind to can her booty altogether, which I am SO glad I didn't do that because she's really good and my company is growing fast and I need her too bad to get fed up and make an emotional decision.

    So today I am scrambling around trying to fill her slot, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  17. Polly,

    Hahahaaha, you must be on EC at the same time I am because I answered your comment but you said something else. It's like instant messenger with a little lag time!

    My teapot is the exact same as the plate and also with the bee on top. He's a little figurine on top. How I know the bee is a boy I can not say.

    YES, halloween cookies is was in the back of my mind when I said they'd turn black!

    Obviously, we are both BRILLIANT! Heh, heh.