Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Award for me but There's Alcohol in it for YOU

I am honored with another award!

Postman, you're really too much. This is what he said:

Entrepreneur Chick: This witty, fearless lady has multiple business concerns on the go, and is always attending some high-powered function or shindig. She's never at a loss for something smart, funny and feisty to say, nor a pearl of wisdom concerning the business world. If you're a burgeoning entrepreneur yourself, or just want to read about the exploits of a bold and brassy businesswoman, this is the blog for you.

Postie, (as I like to call him now) that was so kind and thoughtful of you.
The funny thing about blogging is that I never expected this.
This being blog friends that I am connected to on a daily basis.

When I wake up and after my coffee in bed, (I always have my coffee in bed. If you are not having your coffee in bed, you are not doing it right) I wonder- what's going on today with Polly and Postie and Chloe and DUTA and so forth.

Here's the rules for this award...

First, make yourself a cocktail, then chose four bloggers who have contributed greatly to the world of blogging.

It's nearly two in the afternoon here in Dallas.
Not quite cocktail time but here's what I would have if it were and where you can order these fine drinks.

Texans are all crazy about these- margaritas! But this one is entirely different in that it's SUGAR FREE.  Here's what a party planner recently said about this drink; "And this is the ultimate Margarita mix; it's sugar-free yet it tastes the same as-if not better than- a drink you would make from scratch. I brought it to a party and once the people started complimenting me on it, I told them, 'Can you believe it? It's sugar-free!" Everyone was amazed- I really don't think there's anything better."  $5.49 at http://www.bajabob.com/

Party Perfect Apple Martini- The author of The Stylish Girl's Guide to Fabulous Cocktails, Collen Mullaney, loves this particular drink. She says it gets people smiling- instantly! $9.00 at Stirrings.com
Here is Entrepreneur Chick's award recipients:
Chloe: Fortune Cookies and Men- a voice to be heard! She's to the point. She's funny. She's honest. She's Chinese in New York City! And she's gorgeous.
If you need anything more than that, something's wrong with you.
Robin: Budget Girl- "Budget Girl" has been a friend of Entrepreneur Chick's for over a decade now. I always tell her she's " a walking encyclopedia" and the fact that she's blond doesn't seem to stop her one bit.
She has so many tips about fashion, lifestyle, beauty, wines- you name it- all under one pink and snazzy blog.
I'm always asking her- "I have this event to go to- which do you think? Black tights? No tights? Boots? What? Help me, help me!"
And now two new blogs, not new blogs but those that are new to me, that I am utterly impressed with:
Workforced: I received a personal email from the author of this blog, which is how I found about about Workforced, as he liked Entrepreneur Chick, and I must say, WHOA.
Entertaining. Insightful. Hysterical.
Just check this out about "Office Romance" and see if you don't laugh yourself silly.
Mimi and Tilly: who's tag line is, "The Art of Living a Glittery Life".
Oh. My. Goodness.
Just say "glitter" to me and I get all fuzzy and excited.
But glitter aside, the blog is far more than that.
You see, I deeply understand as an entrepreneur that the more creative you are, guess what?
The more money you're going to make!
The embrace of the creative is what attracted me to this blog as found in the excellent profile section...
"A friend once told me that being creative was The Answer. Having had a sit down, a nice cup of tea and a think about this, I've set myself a task. One year to change my life by embracing being creative. There are five rules for me to follow: Rule One: I must only do what I feel excited about doing. Rule Two: I must refrain from writing any more To Do lists. Rule Three: I must share my creative exploits here for the amusement (or not) of others no matter how successful or unsuccessful they are. Rule Four: I must do what my creative instincts are telling me to do no matter how scary it might feel. Rule Five: I must say "Yes!" to my creativity. On 24th August 2010 I will assess if I have found The Answer for me. Follow me as I attempt to see if embracing being creative really will change my life."
I believe you will thoroughly enjoy these bangin' blogs.


  1. Awwwww, thanks Momma!!! You just think I'm gorgeous cuz you love me, so you're biased! ;) MUAH!!!!!

  2. You're quite welcome. I wake up and wonder what EC and Polly and Chloe and Warren and wow that was awkward are doing, too.

    Coffee in bed? I might have to try that...

    How sweet is this? Cocktails! Good cocktails! Cocktail reviews on Entrepreneur Chick, no less! You should keep going. I'd love to read about your favorites.

    I read "Office Romance" and chuckled quite a bit. Have to check out those other blogs.

    Keep up the good work, ma'am.

  3. Chloe,

    You're awesome. Of course I love you- but you are gorgeous even if I didn't. So, ha.

  4. Postie,

    A good cocktail review coming from YOU is quite an accomplishment.

    I will do more reviews then, of my favorite things.

    BTW, thank you again and I so enjoy reading you. Did you notice how everyone freaked out (your readers) when you said you were taking a break?

  5. I am most grateful! I have gladly accepted and posted your award, linking back to you of course. Wishing you the best.

    Don Joe


  6. Congratulations - you totally deserve it!

    And by the way, you are SO HOT in that black dress on your sidebar.

  7. Workforced,

    You are more than welcome~ your blog is just outstanding.

  8. Polly,

    You know, of course, Postman beat me to being able to give the award to you.

    I know that's not the black dress you asked me to take a photo of in November- I should get one of those too, just for you, but you know it's gotta be of my booty because that's the best part of that dress, the BACK. (heh, heh)

    And BTW, thank you. :)

  9. I woke up this morning, made myself a pot of tea and sat down, bleary eyed, to see what was happening on my blog. I woke up pretty fast when I saw I had a blog award! And one that gives me carte blanche to knock up a cocktail? How fab is that? Thank you, Entrepreneur Chick, for the award and the great review of my blog. I totally appreciate your words of support. And congratulations to you for getting the award yourself. Totally deserved.

  10. Mimi and Tilly,

    You are very welcome. I look forward to all the things I know I will learn from you.

  11. EC: You're quite welcome. And yes, I did notice how the audience went spastic when I said I was taking a break. And I was deeply, deeply touched. Still am.

  12. Wow those cocktails look good. I just discovered your blog and really like it. Congrats on the award and hope to see more of your posts soon.

    Kate xx

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