Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beginning a New Biz? Check 2 C if U have These Four Super Heros First

Maybe you've seen this movie and read the comics, but Entrepreneur Chick wants you to think of the Fantastic Four
in a whole new way.

Think of them as your new business associates.
True, you might not take a them to luncheons at the country club,
but their presence is absolutely critical to your new venure's success.

I said, "absolutely critical" to your new venture's success.

Here's your four pointed Super Hero checklist:

(1) Relevancy Girl- See that sexy chick front and center? Think of her as
Relevancy Girl from now on.

If you are not RELEVANT
you are not anything.

Is your venture relevant?
Simply, do people want what you have or not?
Be sure.

The yellow hualking guy behind Relevancy Girl?
That's R.O.I. Dude.

(2) R.O.I. Dude- says "Do the math or I'll hurt you."
"R.O.I." means, "return on investment" or, "how much for how much"?
When I'm considering a new venture, I know really quick if I'm even
interested. If my numbers turn out too low
and the investment too high, I cut the cord.

Do you notice how R.O.I. Dude is bigger and more menacing than the rest?
That's because if your venture's cash flow is puny and slow;
the whole house of cards will surely come crashing down.

Listen kids, it's about cash.
Talk about a better product and service all you want, it always comes down to
a bunch of dead presidents in the end.

See the Super Hero to the left of and behind R.O.I. Dude?
That's Sir KnowItALL.

(2) Sir KnowItALL- wants you to ask yourself what do you truly know about the field you're about to embark.
He'd ask you to do your due diligence or he'll have R.O.I. Dude rough
you up, because as you can see, he's way too much of a pretty boy
to get your blood all over his nice shirt and
manicured nails.

(Do not tease him about his manicure. He's sensitive about that. He likes nice hands, that's all. He's been spotted in the Super Hero Gay Bar a few times, but he swears he was just with "friends".)

And finally, the Super Hero to the back right-
that's StandOut Man.

(4) StandOut Man- insists that your company not be merely average or mediocre.
The company that starts out average or stuggles to stay mediocre will ultimately fail.

Customers have too many choices in the market place.
You're dealing with much more educated and savvy consumers who have
access to all sorts of information.

If your company blows, they'll know about it.
Bad news is a Google click away.

StandOut Man can tell you, when asked why someone should hire him and not the next Super Hero, quicker than a fat kid on a cupcake, the reasons why his company is superior.

How are you differentiated from your competitors?

Let that uniqueness be clearly articulated to your staff,
usually in the form of a mission statement-
and most importantly, communicated
to your customers!

Do you think you have all four Super Heros on board?

Next time, Entrepreneur Chick will be using real-life business ideas from her readers.

The readers are:


  1. You're brilliant! Have I mentioned you're brilliant? I LOVE the way your mind works. This is a great analogy.

    I'm so excited to see what's next.

  2. Polly,

    Awww, thank you! I am having an awfully good time over here.

    I'm going to take your ideas first and devote a whole post to you, then Postman and Chloe.

    BTW, I found this site that will allow me to translate Latin words to English, plus their definition. I worked on that for about two hours yesterday.

    I figure, well, what else am I doing? I might as well learn Latin.

    It might take 6 years or so. I'm able to grab a few words as I read and know what they are, but the tenses and the smaller words like, "let", "you", "make", things like that, are still confusing.

    I'm also interested in that suggestion you gave me about learning old English. I read old English all the time, but I could learn more about it, certainly!

  3. History of the English Language was one of the most interesting and challenging classes I ever took (appropriate acronym: HEL). English is such a hybrid language of "high" (Latinate) and "low" (Germanic), and learning about how it got that way was truly fascinating. Plus I love the Old English alphabet and the runes.

    I feel like I've won the lottery or something, getting a whole post from you. I can't wait!

  4. Genius! The Fantastic Four made into a venture success model! I love it. I actually used to OWN the movie, embarrassingly enough. Read the comic a few times but couldn't get into it.

    I agree, I think Sir KnowItAll is a pretty boy.

    I'm DEFINITELY going to have to write the contents of this post down. Physically, longhand, so I'll begin the retention process as I do. I want to remember this. I NEED to remember this.

    Getting all pumped for your upcoming dissection! Thanks for posting this. Typically you: an entertaining read and a lot of good sense.

  5. Polly,

    Where do you suggest I start with Old English.

    Won the lottery... you're so silly. :)

  6. Postie,

    I'm so happy you're getting something of substance from EC- and I am flattered that you think enough of it to actually write it down by hand too.

    I'm doing that with Latin, btw. I copy and paste words into a document with their translations, but after I've done that, I'm going to write them down one by one to make it stick better.

    BTW, it's raining like cats and dogs here. I thought of you because of your last post about the rain.

    Went to the lake yesterday, where I fish, and the water was way, way up.

    I took pictures and want to show you guys where I fish but I don't want to sidetrack the flow of these business posts.

  7. Go here:

    That's an online course in Old English, if you're up for it.


    That's a side-by-side original and translation of The Dream of the Rood, the Old English poem I wrote about. It's a great poem.

  8. Polly,

    Ooops. Left out a question mark. Illuminated Manuscripts might send me an invoice to insert it. Hahaha.

  9. Whoa--I didn't know you were learning Latin! That's really neat! It's a tricky language, I hear...not the least because it's dead. Are you doing it just for kicks, or do you expect it to come in handy?

    Yep yep, that's the rain, all right. The weatherman said last week that all that stuff that was rolling in from the Pacific (and right over me) was going to keep going east. I immediately thought "Well, it's going to hit Polly next and then EC, and possibly even Carrie (in Kentucky)."