Thursday, March 4, 2010

In a Jam? One Secret Sentence to Tell Yourself

Entrepreneur Chick is reading a very famous businessman's book over again.
As I read last night, this man was talking about how most people are not really cut out for success in that they can not handle pressure.

If you want to own a business, or you do own a business, one thing that you can count on more than anything else: is pressure.

I'm in a jam right now. That creates pressure.

 I'm going to be very candid with you.
I'd love to tell you that when I'm under pressure, why, I just rise to the occasion, never get upset, never get my thong in a wad, never raise my voice, never cuss and say a bunch of things I don't mean-

When I write as Entrepreneur Chick, I ask myself: is that true?

If it is, I write it- if it's not, I don't.

When my jam happened yesterday, my very first reaction was to get angry.

After I got angry, I decided to feel sorry for myself.

"Oh, this sucks. This isn't fair. Why is this happening?"

Anger is a valuable emotion in that it causes me to take action.

Pity is a useless emotion because it causes me to not take action.

I have to literally will myself out of feeling sorry, back to acknowledging my anger, and finally, take some sort of action in order to resolve the situation.

I'm getting much better not ruminating as to why something happened, but rather, what I going to do to solve it.

It's at this juncture I remember something very powerful.

Here's the one secret sentence, I say:

"I am a very creative person, and there are many solutions to a problem!"

I find this sentence gives me the power I feel I've lost, wonderfully back!
I return to the situation with a new attitude, as I am confident a resolve is just around the corner.

Why is a resolve just around the corner?
Because I am a very creative person, and there are many solutions to a problem!

This sentence has never failed me.

Try it and see if it doesn't work for you too.


  1. Very mature approach although sometimes I find anger useful it can drive you to action

  2. Getting caught up on my blog reading. Happy Friday!!!!

  3. Stress seems to be the apparent inability to influence events...loss of control. You hit it on the head...action is required.

  4. Lately I feel like I'm always in a Jam

  5. Hope this jam of yours is resolving itself!

    This is always the factor of having a business which I tend to leave out of the equation: the stress factor. In my naïveté, I suppose I always assume that my perfect job won't HAVE any stress. A foolish belief, yes, particularly since my perfect job is being self-employed as the CEO of a small-time international air service. Even the mere logistics and supply angle of the thing will be nightmarish, I suspect. But my mind still entertains the Stress-Free Perfect Job Nirvana Zone.

    Thanks for the wake-up call. I'll have to remember the magic words you've delineated...

  6. Julie,

    Always good to see you. I like the new pic, btw!

  7. Kim,

    Thanks. I think so too. (It is not my sentence originally. I took a course a few years ago, and this came from that course.)

  8. Jerry,

    "Action is required"- don'tcha just hate that? lol :0

  9. Alex,

    Where there's a jam, there's always an opportunity. I hope you find it, and it's better than what you ever could have imagined.

    Blessings- marilisa

  10. Postie,

    I'm right there with you! (Regarding the perfect job/business not having any stress.)

    Two and a half years ago I started another business. I told Tony, "Yeah, and THIS business is going to be awesome and I'm going to like everything about it!"

    He says, "So, you honestly think you're not going to have any problems?"

    I say, "No. Not like this business we have now."

    Well, whatta idiot. I HATED that business! I do not deal well at all, with the public. It had a whole host of problems besides all that, that I just didn't foresee, until I got neck deep.

    Any business that I have has to be business to business for it to work. "Work" meaning I can tolerate it AND turn a profit.

    So, I feel ya. You'd think I would have known better, wouldn't you?

  11. That really is an awesome sentence. I'm going to try it out this week when I'm dealing with the thousand and one things.

  12. I love that phrase. It's very powerful. When I get my undercrackers in a knot (I prefer your description of "thong in a wad"!), I tend to feel stuck and powerless. I like the phrase you've shared as I like the sense it gives that although I may not know the answer now, at some point soon I'll be able create a way of moving forward. I hope you create the answer you need soon. Sending smiles, Emma. (Thank you for posting my button here on your blog, that made me smile when I saw it.)

  13. Emma,

    I love you and your undercrackers.