Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Look Ma, Another Award!

Postman started his acceptance speech with what he called, "The Straight Dope",  but I decided, in the same spirit, it would be good if I gave you some straight dope of my own as well, so-

One of the reasons I love writing- slash- blogging, is mostly because I have something to say and no real place where it's appropriate to direct those innermost thoughts.

Why's that, Entrepreneur Chick?

Because most of the time, I am way too blunt, pushy, opinionated, and basically crass for humans I actually know in real life- my clients, my potential clients, my employees, and people who seem to think they're my friends- so therefore, I let it all out- like unzipping your fly after a big spaghetti dinner followed by chocolate cake and icecream.

Aaaaaah, that's better.

When someone responds to me being the real me and not the this is how I act at Chamber of Commerce events and church functions where there's no freakin' beer me, I truly do appreciate that.

Besides, I already told someone what I really thought of them last month, and look how dandy that turned out. Freakin' HA.

In summation, Entrepreneur Chick is the real me.

So in celebration or suppression of the real me, ( I leave that to you, my readers, to decide) I accept this award.

And for the person who gave me this award- Postie- as I've come to call him, let me tell you, he and the others I am going to mention are honestly and truly the unexpected three carrot diamond ring dropped in Mc Donald's parking lot.
Who would think to find such treasure there?
:::whispering::: McDonald's is the blogosphere, get it?::::

In another altered state kind of way, I've had the great pleasure to develop friendships with three of these people I'm mentioning,
and the odd thing is,
when I speak to them over the phone, there's this strange sensation I experience like- I don't know who YOU are but I deeply know Pollinatrix, Chloe and Postman.

When you read someone over and over-  an automatic, organtic sort of intimacy occurs.

A word about Postman. Something I've never said.
I have a rule. I do. This rule has reliably worked for me in the ten years I've been married, which may appear highly controversial to some but- I do not have male friends. As in, at all.

We have friends that we know as a couple, but so far as having a male friend, no.
I would never call up a guy to talk to him about anything, unless he's my client, and then, well, I kind of have to.

Postman has been my one exeption in ten years- though I can't say I've talked to him extensively. He gives me advice, and is my go to person for all types of things. He'll even be sweet to me about my bugging him to play Face Book games- and giving in, when he's actually incredibly busy. I'm just running a few businesses. That guy is busy!

That said, the five bloggers I'd like to pass this award, based on the fact that they too, are the authentic replicas of themselves, the real deals, or very good liars are:

The Pollinatrix, (The Whole Blooming World)
Postman, (you didn't say I couldn't!) (The Sententious Vaunter)
Mimi and Tilly, (Mimi and Tilly)

Thank you all for enriching my life in ways you'll never know.


  1. EC!!!

    I'm stunned. Flabbergasted. Speechless. Gobsmacked. Plus my head is swelling to the size (and shape) of the Wienermobile. I'm a TREASURE (found in the McDonald's parking lot)? I'm SWEET? I've ENRICHED SOMEONE'S LIFE? And this person is actually WRITING ABOUT IT ON THEIR BLOG?

    EC, this is too much. I don't know how I could ever thank you for the wonderful things you said. I'm [gulp] glad to be your [wipes sweat from forehead] only male friend. I'm very glad that I have enriched your life. Let me just say that the feeling is mutual, for much the same reasons: you're my go-to expert for all things entrepreneurial and life-wisdom related. I'm quite enlivened and honored to know you. Thanks a million for being there, friend.

    And I've experienced a little bit of the phone call weirding-out, too. But not much. 'Cause you sound just like you write: brassy, straightforward, confident, outspoken. (That's MY take on "the real you.")

    Looking forward to your call tonight, on an unrelated note.

  2. Hey Marilisa,

    Idk if you havent read it yet or heard, or jus todnt wanna come. BUT Im throwing a celebration June the 19th to celebrate 5 years of the Casablanca, and A few of our blogger Pals are coming in for it! I thought Maybe you could drive up? :) Go read todays post on my blog and let me know!~

  3. Congrats, Mama. I miss you.

    And thank you for the award! I like this one.

    I like your expression "authentic replicas." I was just thinking a little earlier this evening that sometimes people think I'm more evolved than I actually am because of what I post on my blog. And I realized that's because when I post something, it's because I'm teaching it to myself, but it sounds like I already know it. When maybe I don't totally.

  4. Mick,

    I am SO sorry for my late response. Please forgive me.

    I'd love to come to the world famous Cassablanca Hotel and Resort!

    The thing is, however, that one of our businesses is swamped that time of year and if anything goes amiss, guess who has to pick up the slack?

    Yeah, Tony! lol

    Can you pencil us in as a definite maybe?


  5. Postie,

    Tony and I have just been using you so you'd be our neighbor in Happy Aquarium. I've only read all your blog posts and pretended to be your friend.

    Hahahaha. We think the world of you and Tony always enjoys hearing about what you said, or what you're doing.

    Actually, I'd say you are "our" friend, not just mine.

  6. Polly,

    I miss you too. I've been so distracted lately and owe you a bee plate (I have not forgotten) and an email about our next step.


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